My home arcade is better than Galaxy World!
Arcade Building Project
A collectors dream! Designing and refurbing an arcade building to house my collection and my guests. It is a significant undertaking, but well worth it.
When I bought my house, along with it came this building. My neighbors proclaim that it is the "best damn garage in town." I totally agree. It is solid brick and has 30' x 30' of floor space on 3 floors. That's right, this garage has a full basement and a loft as well. Actually, it was at one time the machine shop for the town. I think this building is too good to park cars in, so I plan on building another garage and convert this building into just one hell of a nice arcade/bar/hangout/denofevil/etc.

To Do:
Right now everything is tentative but here is my "to do" list for this building.
  • Reshingle roof
  • Install vapor barrier on interior walls
  • Stud interior walls
  • Rewire interior/Install new 60A breaker panel
  • Replumb the bathroom/replace bathroom walls
    The bathroom right now looks comparable to some of the more disgusting service station restrooms I've encoutered in my life. BUT it's totally refurb-able
  • Drywall/plaster/tape/sand/paint (like it will happen that fast, heh)
  • Install new fixtures
  • Install new furnace
  • Install new carpet
  • Move arcade games in
  • Have throwdown 'Grand opening' party :)