Run 'N Gun, by Konami
Here is a Run 'N Gun 4-player in a 2 screen wedge cabinet. At first, I thought this game probably was converted from Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara, as my cabinet matches this one shown in KLOV. I was probably wrong in that assessment, though. While on #rgvac the other night, VoS and jrok informed me that the cabinet was most definitely Space Lords. The D&D shown could have been a conversion as well, as Space Lords antedates it by 4 years. Regardless, Space Lords looks hella-cool so I'll see if I can't restore it in the future.
I acquired this game in the now-infamous arcade raid. It has 2 25" WG K7000 monitors, and I have to restrain myself from scamming the monitors to fix other games :)

[7/24/02] UPDATE: I found a tested working Space Lords PCB on eBay and won it. So the resto begins...
[8/19/02] UPDATE:I have managed to find all the parts needed to restore this game back to Space Lords. Thanks to all who mailed me with offers, especially Chris in Denver, who sold me a wiring harness, the marquee and a set of NOS control panels! Sweeeeeeet ;)

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