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The chuX0r Family Hot Rod:
1990 McLaren Turbo Grand Prix

Well, Mrs. chuX0r wanted a new car. And she's kinda picky when it comes to that you see, so when I offered to buy her a nice wagon, she stated in no uncertain terms that I would not getting away with that. That was fine for when we were in college and living on ramen noodles, but not now. No wagons, no flipping minivans! The car had to be a coupe, it had to be black, it had to have many nice features and it had to be (and I quote) "zippy."
Zippy? yes. Nice Features? How about this: Amongst lots of other geeky power gadget neat-ness, it's got 27-way power leather seats and a HUD! Thankfully, she decided NOT to get "TRBO GRL" on the plates, so I can dig a drive down US 66 without howls from the peanut gallery (thanks hon!)

So far, I have replaced the transmission, fuel injectors, alternator, upper engine mounts, brake switch (per GM recall) and power antenna mast. I still plan on installing a Jeff M. chip, K/N filter kit (+ thermostat) and a new lower valence (came with it missing) when I get this bad dog repainted (needs it pretty bad actually). My brother in law and I were also kicking around the idea of modifying the engine to use a T-03 turbo instead of the T-25. Overall, its a fun project car with a nice history. Great to get ice cream, smoke ricers or haul groceries, just as long as you like your eggs scrambled =)

Turbo Grand Prix