Warehouse! Warehouse!
I negotiated my first warehouse deal in July 2002. I was very excited and perhaps a bit naiive, as I relied upon the seller's (Andrew Culpovich) word on the 25 games, which was, and I quote, "almost all were powered up at least once, probably around half worked during this period. ... All the games are complete to the best of my knowledge, could be a few are missing some things that I've forgotten about, but I would remedy anything important that came up missing" Well, as fate would have it, I showed up and of course many games were missing stuff, most were non-working and 2 were converted outright from what they were advertised as. There was another that was a stripped cabinet, nothing in it but a wasted tube! One other was missing and replaced with something else without notice. Only one would power up into the attract mode. Many were presented to me with monitors not installed, but instead lying on the floor, which is more than I can say about another 3 that were delivered to me with broken monitor tubes.

I am still still still waiting for Andrew Culpovich to deliver all of the missing parts and issue a partial refund (in compensation for mostly NON-working, contrary to what was described) as he is obligated to do, but I pretty sure at this point that I am just plain ripped off.

To Andrew "Mrculpy" Culpovich of High Score Amusements: - if you're over there in Windham, Maine selling smoke and promises and thinking nobody will ever catch up to you, keep thinking that. I'm confident that some day you'll screw the wrong person.

Of course all Andrew Culpovich has to do is contact me to make good on everything. But I am tired of trying to chase him down and force him to honor our deal. I've been patient and understanding since July 2002, through all the excuses like "it is tough buying and selling in bulk", "super busy due to holiday season", "I had a bad accident", "will certainly do my best to work with you", "he's had a death in the family", "if I was no struggling myself with this business, I would probably do more for you just to keep you happy", "I will continue to stay in touch on this", and my personal favorite, sent November 2002 and the last I ever heard of him: "...more stuff to come, thanks for hanging in."
Mr. Culpy sent a box of used power supplies in November 2002, but that was the extent of 'working with me' on the multitude of discrepancies between what was promised and what was delivered. All I want are the rest of parts that were missing or broken and money back for the fact that only one of these games worked, when "most working" was the deal, as he stated. Andrew Culpovich still owes me these parts:
  • MACH 3: cockpit monitor bezel (missing)
  • MACH 3: cockpit monitor chassis (missing)
  • MACH 3: cockpit control panel w/controller (missing)
  • MACH 3: laser disk (missing)
  • MACH 3: 19" Wells Gardner 19" monitor tube (neck broken)
  • MACH 3: wiring harness, complete (sold me a MACH 3, but delivered a broken choplifter conversion)
  • DK ct: 14" sanyo monitor tube (neck broken)
  • Rush 'n Attack: PCB (missing) (sold me a Rush 'n Attack, delivered an EMPTY cabinet with a broken monitor)
  • Rush 'n Attack: Electrohome G07 complete monitor assy (neck broken/boards gone)
  • Rush 'n Attack: ISO transformer (missing)
  • Rush 'n Attack: Wiring harness (missing)
  • Space Invaders Deluxe: Monitor chassis/electronics (missing)
  • Rally-X: control panel (missing - sold me a rally-X, delivered a trivia quest in a converted Rally-X cabinet)
  • Gottleib pinball legs (missing)
  • Sega Turbo: steering wheel (missing)
  • Gals Panic: nintendo coin mechs (2) (missing)
A cash refund would be nice. Returning my e-mails and phone calls would be nice. An apology would be nice too. I'm not holding my breath any more waiting for Andrew "Mrculpy" Culpovich of Windham, Maine to do the right thing. He got me to send him money. I should thank him for the lesson that I learned by all this misfortune.

OK! What did we learn from this kids?

Well, I *did* get it in writing, but it still sucks to be me right now...
The trip wasn't a total bust though. I did get a few decent (although still no-worky) items in there and got to meet up with fellow RGVAC'er Jon Davis. You have to look at the good side, right? - Even in the midst of frustration. Here's a photo journal of the trip. Enjoy!